Refund Policy :

1. Any User will have opportunity to report an issue or error in the product by posting an Issue at Help Desk provided in the Web store. Provision is made to allow user to send an attachment of Screen Shot of the error page in any product. For Posting an Issue the User must login with their registered Id and Password which they posses with them and also an email confirmation with User id and password is sent to them.

2. The Netripples Customer Support team will automatically allot an Issue number which is sent to user within few seconds of sending the issue at Help Desk.

3. This is scheduled to resolving within same hour in case the issue is show stopper during the Business Working Hours in their Support Center and if in case it is normal and routine issue it will be resolved same day.

4. For Customization and Large issues they are posted for a specific date and the user gets an email intimation as the suggested date it is being resolved.

5. All users will have opportunity for Free Trail period of 30 days after which the user will get automatically charged for the value to their Credit card in case they purchase through Credit Card.

6. In case the user chooses Full Version the payment, it will be charged simultaneously.

7. If the user is not happy and would not like to go for Full version after Trail period, No charge is made and the user need to post an Issue on Help Desk as Not Happy to renew for Full version and thus no charge is made to their card.

8. Netripples at all times will resolve the issue for all Trail version or full version users and in case still found unresolved due to fault identified technical , the user will have complete refund of the amount paid.